Holden, Mass.

Community  Emergency  Response  Team

emergency resources

Every CERT volunteer takes part in a comprehensive, 9-part training program over the course of several months.  The program was adopted and modified by FEMA  in the mid-90s to become a nationwide program designed to help communities and their citizens respond to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. In addition to acting as first responders, CERTs also help residents prepare for emergencies with information and guidelines on how to develop family emergency plans, create their own emergency preparedness kits, and safeguard their property against storm damage and other disasters.

To obtain emergency planning guidelines materials, email us or call the Emergency Management number below.

Resources can also be found at www.ready.gov

To reach police, fire, rescue and public works personnel for non-emergency information and assistance, contact the appropriate department directly:

Police:                   508-210-5600

Fire:                       508-210-5650

Emergency Mgt.      508-210-5650     

Public Works:         508-210-5550


For information on Massachusetts safety guidelines,

regulations, and assistance, contact the Mass. Emergency Management Agency:

MEMA                   508-820-2000


For information on federal safety guidelines, regulations, and assistance, contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency: 

FEMA                    202-646-2500