Community  Emergency  Response  Team

Emergencies can strike at any time. When they do, our town resources can be overtaxed. Holden CERT members are trained to be first responders and provide assistance to our public safety professionals. 

Our Mission

emergency resources

Doing the greatest good for the

greatest number.

The  Community Emergency Response Team of Holden, Massachusetts (Holden CERT) is a volunteer organization of town residents trained as first responders to help in time of need and crisis. 


for your neighbors


 Your community


for those in need

Need an emergency plan for your family? Information on how protect your business or organization? We can help.

Join Us

Holden, Mass.

Holden CERT is always looking for new members -- volunteers who have a desire to help their neighbors in time of need.  No experience needed -- we'll provide the training -- but if you have skills that can help in an emergency, that's a plus.